Luxury electric scooters - The Importance of being SCROOSER

E-mobility is our chance to save a little bit of this planet and this is where electric scooters come in.

What emissions are able to affect is a dramatic change of temperature. Therefore, it is urgent to raise awareness since we only can assume what might happen in the next few years according to the video below.

But let’s stay on the bright side of life and be positive about it and write our own electric scooter story.


Diving into the electric scooter universe led us further

We think it is time to tell you who we are and what we are aiming for. First of all, we would like to thank you for almost 6 years in encouraging us to do more and to realize our vision of an electric scooter for adults. Even after finding numerous copycats in a short amount of time – yes its true, but they still do not compare to SCROOSER.


Canadian football star from Calgary on SCROOSER electric scooter

Canadian Football star Charleston "The Stamp Machine" Hughes enjoying the ride on a SCROOSER.

This is as a chance to raise this very awareness of people owning a lot but not owning the planet.

Boosted – new city, new frontiers

It is not about the funny project anymore that kicked off with an amazing feedback and belief in the idea itself. It is not about being a company producing an electric vehicle that will be driven in the outskirts of the German black forest. The SCROOSER has become something more. As we already mentioned our electric scooter startup finds itself now in one of the most attractive cities for e-mobility nowadays: Berlin. This move opened up so many great possibilities for us combining our product with luxury brands worldwide, associating the same savoir-vivre as the most eloquent haute-couture brands. We are not even mentioning the international echo we gained through media placements. And if you think we spent a budget of millions for these co-operations – you’d be wrong. We have just merely arrived in the European e-mobility Eldorado.  


Self-propelling and needy – An electric scooter that educates humility towards nature

So here we are – SCROOSER is becoming more and more located in the luxury brand world. Regarding this as a chance to raise this very awareness of people owning a lot but not owning the planet. It seems that there is a certain need for a product like ours – an electric scooter for adult people, tech-savvy and an eye for the special. We attach value to how the SCROOSER has been designed, yet it has not reached the edge of perfection. We are about to develop a brand-new product experience. Against all expectations we are not the electric Vespa – we are more.

We created a new icon of an electric scooter that breaks with the “already seen” – a déjà-vu of an Italian scooter – and we do it in accordance with nature. SCROOSER is aiming to change how we move. Speed up or speed down – it’s up to you. But avoid emissions, produce zero-emissions, a number that is contextually desired here.






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