Power plug and play.

SCROOSER is a Berlin based Start-up company producing the SCROOSER – an urban lifestyle electric scooter. With the ongoing innovation in the world of e-mobility, SCROOSER is committed to position itself as market leader since delivering the best possible service and performance to our customers. This way we reflect the quality made and engineered in Germany and touch upon our customers when ever they are in need of assistance. SCROOSER is a firm statement that a change has to be brought to urban areas to reduce pollution, to avoid traffic jams or at least ride around them. The SCROOSER is a zero-emission vehicle that will bring locomotion to the next level.


The SCROOSER is unique. It was built and designed to satisfy. Satisfy your needs for a premium lifestyle product with intense attention to details.


But don’t get it wrong: no self-flattering. It’s a fact. There really is nothing else like the SCROOSER. It is the first and only one of its kind. And along the way, it is revolutionising our idea of how you get around.


The clean and minimalist design has a clear message – sheer riding pleasure.

Pure and flawless. Beneath its stylish exterior is an innovative interior. Thanks to its smart impulse drive, the SCROOSER takes you from A to B in style.

There is just one small problem: you’ll never want to get off again.