SCROOSER - your electric scooter.
Pure, minimalistic, always one step ahead.
Made in Germany.



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The prime edition of the Premium Lifestyle Electric SCROOSER has a maximum speed of 15.5mph holding a street legal for whole Europe and Germany.

In California e.g. you scroose as you go. The portable and mobile 36 V/20 Ah battery has a range of 34 miles, varying when the different drive modes such as Hand, Eco, Sport and Comfort are applied. SCROOSER is ready to go within 2.5 hours.

Full load capacity will be reached after four hours.

The SCROOSER PRIME is a statement for your urban lifestyle. PRIME stands for premium needs and ambitions.

The premium leather seat makes the prime edition special.

SCROOSER is 100% Made in Germany. The SCROOSER weighs 56 kgs without battery (2 kgs) and carries a max. weight of 150 kgs. SCROOSER is the original and the only one of its kind.