Come Closer

Love to detail is what SCROOSER is all about.
Not useless. Only on point.

Watch out

Be careful when on route. Your SCROOSER with street legal holds the mirror up to you.



Light at the end of the tunnel - every tunnel. The LED light shines along your way. It turns on instantly, when you switch on the SCROOSER.

The core

The battery

Charged with power. The lithium ion accumulator brings a range up to 34 miles. By the way: You'll have fun even longer with a spare accumulator.

Four drive modes

Take out

At any time remove the battery and take it home. Hiding below the foot plate - flat and sound - it delivers a smart and elegant solution for your SCROOSER. This way you can leave your ride outside the door, even when it rains. A conventional socket will charge the SCROOSER between 2.5 - 4 hours so you can be back on track.

The core